Texecom Perimeter & Intruder Alarms BTEC L3

Online course powered by Tavcom Training

8 modules - study time approx. 35 hours

BTEC L3 Certificate, £265  

No prerequisites or qualifications needed to enrol

This interactive online course has been specially designed to give you the underpinning knowledge and understanding required to be able to design cost-effective alarm and perimeter detection systems that conform to current international and national standards.

With no prerequisites to join, this course is perfect for those who are entering the intruder alarm industry for the first time or looking to improve their skills and gain an industry recognised qualification.

After completing the course, you should have a basic knowledge of all the component parts which go together to make a successful Intruder and hold-up alarm system and possibly, more importantly, the pitfalls to avoid.

Electronic Principles

Online course powered by Tavcom Training

2 modules


Basic knowledge of electronics is an essential requirement for anyone working in the security systems industry. Texecom Academys Online Electronics Principles course, with a level 3 Tavcom certification, has been specifically designed for students with little experience of electronics. 

It provides a good fundamental knowledge of the basic concepts of the electronic laws, together with many other principles and components used within this industry. 

Without complex mathematics or very technical language we provide information needed to install, service and maintain security equipment. Self assessment questions are followed at the end of the course by a timed online assessment paper. 

Texecom Detection Devices - Bitesize

Detection devices are components used to detect intrusion and may also at times be referred to as sensors. They must be capable of reliably detecting intruders and exhibit a high resistance to false activations. Detection devices utilise a wide range of technologies.


They may be passive devices such as a basic switch or contact. Alternatively, they may be powered active devices that have onboard signal processing to determine whether an intrusion is taking place.

Online course powered by Tavcom Training

1 module, study time approx. 45 - 90 minutes


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